Creative. Ideas. Strategy. Design. Results. Trust. Fun! Elegant simplicity. 1+1=3. Good for the planet. It’s visual communications... plus character. It’s transmitting your ethos.

It’s +ethos.

Tethos: we spread ideas that matter.


Tethos is a marketing communications company with a heart. Tethos ("teh-thos") uses ideas, effective strategies, plus focused design to creative change the world -- whether that's branding world-class non-profits, designing the scriptures for 10 million believers, or simply helping create a website for the Maasai of Kenya.

The Tethos manifesto:

Be trustworthy in all things. Create incredible visual communications by understanding the client’s ethos and applying brilliant ideas, experience and wisdom to their every problem. Choose fun projects with fun clients. Deliver powerful results with elegant simplicity. And care: only work on projects that enhance the planet. Tell stories that matter. 

A boutique marketing firm, our TethosphereTM encircles Los Angeles, London and Dubai. We accept a select few organizations working on improving our world. Contact us via the interwebs or continue to look around.



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