Rikard Rodin
Creative Director

Rikard is a Creative Director with a background in virtually every aspect of the creative industry. He started young, working in a darkroom when he was 16 years old, color correcting photos before Photoshop existed. He’s worked his way up and to the side of the creative industry, spending the last 10 years as designer, art director and creative director.

Heading up the marketing design department of an international organization for 6 years, Rikard worked on international goodwill campaigns, packaging, book covers, posters and virtually every form of advertising design. He has personally run printing presses, manned hot stamping machines, screen printing presses and even acid etched metal dies. In addition to his hands-on experience, Rikard has worked with some of the leading professionals in the design, illustration, printing and packaging fields.

Rikard is proficient in graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D modeling and video and motion graphics. His designs include 20 published books, upward of 100 albums and full print advertising campaigns that were translated in more than 15 languages, reaching an international audience. His designs have won upward of 25 design awards although he’s never personally submitted a design for recognition.

On a more personal note, Rikard is a father of twin girls, loves photography and woodworking. He manages a design blog with nearly 2 thousand visitors a month as a way of helping other designers become better at their trade.


This is Rikard's personal portfolio site, where you can see more of his work.

This is Rikard's design blog, including his design reviews, tutorials and how-to's.

You can check out Rikard's personal and professional photography on this site (click on link above).