Through the Looking Glass

Ingredients in glass: a photography project showing. 

After getting a spark of inspiration while looking at a jar of pickles, I decided to build a small rig with some extra wood I had in my garage. The crux of it is a black backdrop, a black floor with glass on top of it and a hole, allowing me to place a flash pointing upward. With this rig in place, I did a series of photos of various bottled and jarred items. The idea was to see how these things would look if lit from within.


Apricot Jam in a jar

Artichokes in a jar

Asparagus in a jar

Blonde beer in a bottle with a side of lime

Blossom honey with honeycomb in a jar

English team in a glass cup

Large chunk orange marmalade

Olive oil with a rosemary sprig


Pickles in a jar

Champagne salad dressing

Sparkling water with cucumber slices