Tethos ... a moon of Jupiter’s, right? No? What is it, then?

The word “Tethos” is a creation derived from “transformation” and “ethos.” It’s our job to take the ethos (character, the soul) of an organization that’s changing the world, and transform and transmit it back into the world in the way that has the clear results you need.

Tethos was formed by a dream team of creative professionals who each wanted to do more of what matters most: work with fun people to passionately create successful results on projects that make a difference. 

This is accomplished by developing an effective strategy, applying brilliant ideas, and producing both digital and print materials that communicate clients’ messages.

Tethos utilizes designers, writers, strategists, brainstorming, name development, branding, web development, print management, and a handful of other serious-sounding terms to simply “get things done” efficiently and effectively. 

We feel that web development brings together all elements of an organization’s multi-faceted strategy and brand messaging into one place. That’s why a great website is so difficult to create--which is why websites tend to be our core offering.