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What is Tethos?



What is Tethos?

Tethos ... a moon of Jupiter’s, right? No? What is it, then?

The word “Tethos” is a creation derived from “transformation” and “ethos.” It’s our job to take the ethos (character, the soul) of an organization that’s changing the world, and transform and transmit it back into the world in the way that has the clear results you need.

Tethos® was formed by a dream team of creative professionals who each wanted to do more of what matters most: work with fun people to passionately create successful results on projects that make a difference. 

This is accomplished by developing an effective strategy, applying brilliant ideas, and producing both digital and print materials that communicate clients’ messages.

Tethos utilizes designers, writers, strategists, brainstorming, name development, branding, web development, print management, and a handful of other serious-sounding terms to simply “get things done” efficiently and effectively. 

We feel that web development brings together all elements of an organization’s multi-faceted strategy and brand messaging into one place. That’s why a great website is so difficult to create--which is why websites tend to be our core offering.


Change Agents

Change Agents

Doing something that matters


We at Tethos had a realization: in our personal lives we were all giving quite a bit to great causes, and yet much of that was kept separate from our business lives. We were always working hard to make money . . . just so we could later give it away. In looking deeper, we saw that this methodology was inefficient, less fun, and less rewarding than it could be. We wanted to do something that mattered in all aspects of our lives. 

Thus, Tethos was born: where doing good is a core principle. Doing good is also great for business. This led us to our 5 core Change Agent programs.


Ethical clients: We’re selective with our choice of clients and only choose to work with organizations and companies who are leading their industry in being socially responsible. Does this mean you have to be a saint. . .or at least a non-profit? No. But if you’re an ethical organization or company that truly cares to make a difference through your message, products or services, then we’re a great fit!


10% GivingA minimum of 10% of all Tethos project time is dedicated to non-profit causes. Transforming your success and alternatively our success back into something that aids the world is a big part of our win + win + win philosophy. Thus, if you book us on a 100-hour project, then 10+ hours will be donated to a non-profit. Or, if you are a non-profit, help us find an ethical client and we’ll handle your projects!

Tethos Idea Incubator (aka The Thinkubator): With a world-class team that cares about our world, we develop quite a few grand ideas. Perhaps we’re a bit crazy, but we will post ideas on how to change the world freely on our blog, and/or contact appropriate organizations and share the idea. No obligation. If our ideas can do good, we want them out in the world doing good. All we ask is credit for the initial idea.


Tethos Branding IncubatorLove one of our Thinkubator world-changing ideas? Great! Bring it back to us and we’ll create the branding, messaging, and business plan for you at little or no up-front cost. (Have a great idea that wasn’t ours? Let’s chat and see how we can help you bring it into the world.)

The TethosphereBy joining our ranks as a client or partner, you’ve entered what we call the Tethosphere. This place is where socially aware organizations help each other and the world. We make and encourage connections between people and organizations that do good, and refer business between all of our partners and clients. 


It's easy to become a change agent yourself. Call us, and let's figure out how we can do good business together.

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Welcome to the Tethosphere

When a Tethos partner is applying the Tethos values to your communication problem&regardless of your physical location--you have entered the Tethosphere.

We solve communications problems by creatively applying ideas, strategy, and design always in full alignment with our values. Our values are that we can all trust each other; that we have fun working together; that the best answer is the most elegantly simple solution; that we deliver results for each other; and that what we do together changes the world in a positive manner.

We believe that together, 1 + 1 = 3 . . . that we create far more as a team than we do individually. (Yes, that’s one of the reasons that the + and = symbols are included in our logo.) All Tethos projects must meet the “win-cubed” test that when we work together the planet must win, you must win, and we must win.

Please don’t call us just yet. Read more about why our Tethos dream team is, humbly, quite amazing.


The Team

The Team



If you’re here, then it’s likely we’ve met in some fashion or another. We believe that strong relationships are a key to trust, which is an essential ingredient in any creative partnership. Because of this ingredient we generally only work with referred clients or people we ourselves know. 

We have built a dream team of people who embody the values of trust, brilliance, fun, elegant simplicity, results, and who care about doing good. To build this team, we looked far and wide. So while our home office is in the historic Santora Art Building in the Artist District of Orange County, California, our partners may meet you anywhere from Los Angeles to Dubai! Tethos was created to serve the planet, the world, you, and to serve our partners’ needs. Yes, we do believe you can have it all. Wherever we are, you can trust that we’ll always deliver elegant results. 

Founded by Jason Niedle, our dream team consists of:


Jason has a degree in philosophy and is an adjunct Professor at Chapman University School of Communications. He’s been in the design and print business for over 20 years, specializing in layout and typographic design. Read more...

Rikard rODIN

Rikard’s been in the design industry for almost two decades, having worked in almost every field directly. He started in a dark room (when those existed), has done offset printing, digital printing, finishing, binding and motion. Read more...

krista seaman
Project manager

Krista keeps the gears of the office running -- and keeps Jason and Rikard working for you, the client. She is always ready to make sure you get what you want when you need it.


scott winslow
coDING & support

Scott is our resident jack-of-all-trades when it comes to implementing and troubleshooting your project. He will work to set up your website and will help you with any issues that might arise after it’s done.

Accounting manager

Born and raised in London—and with 15 years of accounting experience—Beverly will make sure you receive your invoices promptly and make the payment process as painless as possible. 




Who We've done Work for


(Not a full list by any stretch, but a sample big enough
that we'll hope you recognize a name or two.)

“I entrusted Jason and his team with the most important item for my wife’s 50th Birthday celebrations. I decided that it would be wonderful to give her a book on the day and that it should have hundreds of photos as well as letters from many people who have known her over the years. The logistics of the whole thing were daunting as we had very little time, had to get and edit all the images and also had to gather up over one hundred letters from around the world… plus design every aspect of it. Not only did Jason get it done, he created a masterpiece that was also on-time and within budget. At the last-minute, I also asked for an iPad version and that was also delivered and was equally stunning. You cannot go wrong with these guys and I will be using them again and again. They are the best!”
Jonathan Klein (Founder, Getty Images)

“You are amazing! Thank you, Jason and the Tethos team, for building/ designing my website... and for making it easy for me. (I’m a comedian, not a web designer!) I am getting tremendous feedback. People say, “who made your site? It looks great.” You all made me look good! Great work, great people… thanks again for designing, writing, and coding a site that truly represents all the different aspects of me and what I do!”
- Craig Shoemaker (Legendary comedian “The Lovemaster”)

“Hats off to Jason Niedle and [Tethos] for such a fantastic job designing our coffee table book, Writers of the Future: The First 25 Years, which I edited. Of all the books I’ve published, this one is by far the most impressive, and the International Book Award committee agrees, awarding it first place in its category for 2011. Excellent work.”
– Kevin J. Anderson (international bestselling author of Star Wars, Dune, X-Files, and other novels)

"Jason never ceases to amaze with the depth of his creativity, masterful execution, and distinct vision. Whether we’re writing books together like “Message Design” or he’s leading a website makeover or directing blog content, Jason sets the course so his entire team can work together
using our individual expertise to help the client shine."

- Tesz Milan (Technical Writer)

"Thank you Jason, these are absolutely stunning. I can’t tell you what it means as a director to have a photographer who can capture in photos so perfectly my vision.... With much appreciation for you, my artist friend."
– Brady Schwind (Director, Carrie, The Musical)

“The website is amazing! Thanks for handling it so quickly for me!”
– Tamra Barney (The Real Housewivse of OC)

“From helping name my restaurant, to the logo and putting it on everything, Jason and Tethos are an important part of the Selanne team!”
– Teemu Selanne (future NHL Hall of Famer, legendary hockey player)